Introducing CannaScore Real-Time Compliance Software For:

Take Confusion Out Of Compliance

CannaScore offers an unmatched comprehensive approach to canna-business audits. Created by the industry for the industry, CannaScore provides analysis that exceeds state inspections with hundreds of questions. Rest easy using CannaScore's efficient features: real-time reports, photos, and reminders; simplifying the otherwise arduous audit process.

     Peace of Mind

CannaScore provides canna-businesses the flexibility and peace of mind to concentrate on their products and customers. As the only compliancy software in the industry, CannaScore, offers an unmatched comprehensive approach to canna-business audits. Created by industry leaders, CannaScore exceeds the Marijuana Enforcement Division’s audit procedures with more than 300 questions. CannaScore’s efficient features – real time reports, photos, and reminders – simplifies the otherwise arduous audit process and allows you more time to grow your business.


With the myriad of rules in effect and evolving in the cannabis industry, whether medical or retail, it’s easy to forget about things now and then. CannaScore is synced with…. Or monitors the complex maze of rules and regulations to provide you the peace of mind that you are you in compliancy. Our process helps ensure that all rules are being followed every step of the way.

     How it Works

The audit process takes approximately 2-3 hours per license, depending on the type of license and the size of the facility. A robust Q & A ensures that the licensed facility is operating under the state’s regulations. Once completed the facility receives a “score” based on their compliance with state regulations. For investors, bankers, insurance agents, realtors, and property owners the “score” will weigh the benefits, drawbacks and risks that are unique to the industry. For the licensed facility, the “score” helps them avoid fines, closure, or other business setbacks.

CannaScore Named Top New Technology in Cannabis Industry!

“Program could well become the standard in an industry that needs cohesion and consistency” ~

CannaScore Wins Top New Technology Award

* Important - CannaScore does NOT provide audits. We license the following reputable vendors to utilize CannaScore software:

Denver Consulting Group

The List Exchange

American Cannabis Consulting